Equity, Advocacy & Education

The Hispanic Alliance partners & collaborates with regional, state and national organizations to address health care access and equity for Hispanics in the region through research, education and advocacy. 

Hispanic Health Council

The Hispanic Health Council is a professional network of health care providers working together to more effectively serve the Latino community. In addition to medical concerns, issues such as cross-cultural communication and social understanding in medical practices are identified and addressed. The Hispanic Health Council also represents medical interests of the Latino community to key decision makers regarding state medical policies.

Community Alliance for Health Equity

In 2015, with the support of the Connecticut Health Foundation, the Hispanic Alliance and its partners created the Community Alliance for Health Equity (CAHE). The Community Alliance for Health Equity advocates for change to the health care system on behalf of underserved and underrepresented communities.

Hispanic Alliance Mental Health Network, HAMHN

The Hispanic Alliance Mental Health Network (formed on January 2017) with main goal to address equity in mental health services and to address the need for bilingual and bicultural mental health.

The Hispanic Alliance in collaboration with Community Catalyst, Connecticut College and behavioral health / mental health front-line providers has been working together to address mental health access and treatment disparities and asset identification that can be capitalized on to inform sustainable solutions.  MORE...

The Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut would like to thank the Connecticut Health Foundation for its leadership, education and generous and ongoing support of its health equity programs.

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