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The annual La Latina of the Year Award honors a distinguished Latina and serves as recognition for their extraordinary work.  Acknowledging their lives and  accomplishments serves to influence Latina youth in our community. The 2019 Latina of the Year is artist, educator, activist and Eastern Connecticut State University professor emeritus, Imna Arroyo, (BIO)
Past award recipients have include, in 2018;  Izaskun E. Larrañeta, Deputy Director of The Day Newspaper, New London; and in 2017. Marianna Salas, MD, Medical Director of the Community Health Center, New London.  The La Latina of the Year Award is presented at the annual reception. The 2019 La Latina Reception will be held at our new venue located downtown New London at 170 State Street (Crocker House Building) on Thursday, October 24, 2019. Pre-registration required:  

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La Latina initiatives promote higher education by awarding the La Latina Scholarships to promising Latina youth from New London Public Schools. Scholarship recipients are selected by a panel of educators and announced at the annual La Latina Reception.

We are proud to expand our education equity initiatives through our new BRILLA Program.  ​A ​Summer Leadership Program “BRILLA” ​is designed for​ selected Hispanic female students completing their 10thgrade of high school ​at the end of the previous school year​.  


BRILLA targets Latina youth interested in developing leadership skills that allow them to think strategically about their post-secondary education. These exceptional young women are selected to participate in workshops led by professional women, mentors,  from diverse backgrounds including scientists, economists, artists, professors, activists, business women and women in the world of technology. With an emphasis on identity, self-reflection, higher education and acquisition of effective interpersonal skills, participants are exposed to the personal stories and lessons from these positive role models. They learn how others, like them, overcame challenges and went on to academic and professional achievement and thus how to begin to charter their personal and professional journeys. For more information about BRILLA

The Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut and La Latina Network would like to extend a special thank you to the Community Foundation of Southeastern Connecticut's Southeast Women & Girls Fund and the Rotary Club of New London for their generous contribution of the 2019 BRILLA Program. 





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